Treatable Areas & Conditions

Lakes Cosmetic Institute offers a wide variety of treatment options for any conditions you want to address.

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Cosmetic Conditions & Available Treatments

Condition Treatment Options
Aging skin, poor skin tone and texture
Facial skin spots, including broken capillaries (a.k.a. vascular lesions), freckles, and pigmented legions
Hyper pigmentation
Condition Treatment Options
Forehead lines (a.k.a. worry lines)
Condition Treatment Options
Creases between eyebrows (a.k.a. frown lines, glabellar lines, worry lines, eleven lines)
Condition Treatment Options
Thinning or short eyelashes
Condition Treatment Options
Wrinkles in corners of the eyes (a.k.a. crow's feet, periorbital lines)
Condition Treatment Options
Nose wrinkles (a.k.a. bunny lines)
Condition Treatment Options
Poor cheek definition or sunken cheek contour
Condition Treatment Options
Nasolabial folds (the lines from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth)
Condition Treatment Options
Vertical lip lines (a.k.a. smoker lines, perioral lines, lipstick lines)
Condition Treatment Options
Lip border and volume (a.k.a. lip contour, thinning lips)
Condition Treatment Options
Downturned corners of mouth (a.k.a. marionette lines mouth frown, oral commissures, sagging corners)
Condition Treatment Options
Jowl lines
Undefined jaw line (a.k.a. Pre-jowl sulcus)
Condition Treatment Options
Chin lines, wrinkles, or creases (a.k.a. mental crease)
Dimpled chin
Condition Treatment Options
Double chin (a.k.a. submental fullness)
Condition Treatment Options
Unwanted body hair (including underarm hair as well as bikini line and Brazilian hair removal)
Red spots on body (a.k.a.  hemangiomas)
Condition Treatment Options
Excessive perspiration/sweating (a.k.a. hyperhidrosis)

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